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Gregory Leps Jewelry Freedom to be yourself

About us

In 2015, the singer and producer Grigory Leps presented jewelry brand Gregory Leps Jewelry. In collaboration with talented Russian designers Pavel Belov and Konstantin Mazurowski was created first collection, which became popular among connoisseurs of the conceptual style in jewelry.

     The creators of jewelry inspired by the diversity of world cultures, people with a strong and independent character, living out of stereotypes and conventions, freedom and determination.
     Jewelry, created originally for men, became popular with the fairer sex, for whom the master has released the line more graceful models.
     In a jewelry house emphasize that jewelry, each of which were created manually, not divided into male and female.
     The choice of a product depends entirely on the taste, philosophy and mood of the future owner. "Decoration is your companion. Choosing a companion, choose with your heart" smile of the master.
The first Collection of silver miniatures Angels & Demons was represented in TSUM within the traditional celebration of the Vogue Fashion's Night Out in September 2016. It immediately won the hearts of jewelry connoisseurs' and Russian celebrities. Each product of the collection is made by hands in limited quantities to guarantee exclusivity to every buyer.
The second collection called «Empire Renascence» has been created in the Glam Rock style. Gold and silver, amethyst and diamonds – anything that has its price does not make any sense without the inner soul, added by a real artist... The quality of the hand assembled jewelry pieces, the unique artist’s vision fill the noble metal with life, brutal sounds and individual mood.
Oriental ornaments was inspired by many generations of Western artists, therefore, modern design is full of allusions to the Middle and Far East. Eyes of the Buddha, whose image is found on the first Nepalese stupas, leaf ornaments, delicate script decorate mosques of the Middle East, the Hindu symbol of the sun – in the collection you can find many references to Eastern art traditions, which are organically intertwined and tell a story with each piece.
"The Mythology of Power"
Gregory Leps jewelry представляет новую коллекцию «Мифология силы»:
Чтобы найти свое предназначение – раскрыть свой потенциал, понять свою силу, – необходимо встретиться с наследием древних цивилизаций в своём подсознании: мифологическими образами, населяющими нашу душу.
Из мглы проступает чешуя дракона и клыки барса, сверкают глаза волка – символы нашей силы. Они говорят с нами на языке древних образов, рассказывают о наших истинных целях и приоритетах.
Из путешествия к мифологическим истокам своей души мы возвращаемся обновленными, с новыми знаниями – своей личной истиной: кто я, чего я хочу и куда иду.
Introducing the new exclusive glasses, gold by Gregory Leps.

In the design of each of the three models took part personally, Grigory Leps, who is not only a great connoisseur of optics and a collector of rare rims.

Each model is exclusive and produced in strictly limited quantities.
Our production

Each of our artworks is exclusive: it is created by the craftsman in a single copy or limited edition. We maintain the traditions of the classic jewelry school, combining them with modern design trends. By purchasing our product, you get a piece of art, inspired by the talent of its creator – a spark of perfection embodied in metal and stone.