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Individual orders

Come into contact with the world of true creativity, realizing your idea with the hands of our masters!

We offer you a unique opportunity: cooperation with the best designers GL, in which you together will create an individual author's decoration.

Our designers will help to transform your sketch into a technologically correct and perfect piece of jewelry art, embodying your unique vision of beauty and harmony.

How is the cooperation:
- You provide a sketch or describe the idea of jewelry
- The designer realizes your vision, finalizing a sketch and honing details
- A personal Manager will agree with you on each stage and the cost of collaboration
- You get a unique artifact created in a single copy
That's right – in the connection of the author's imagination and skill – born relics that carry the true power of the amulet.


Examples of our products

Bracelet "Patron"

+ For the basis bracelet "our father»
+ Created two additional series of with prayers, especially close the storeowner.
+ Added Golden segments: the drums with the faces of the saints patrons.
+ On one of the links engraved with the initials of the owner.
+ Clasp made in gold.
Created a unique personal amulet, charged with force, able to protect.

Additional information
  • Weight: 221 gramms
  • Material: Silver, gold
  • Insets: no

The chain of "Life without freedom is nothing»

+ The basis is taken from the eponymous bracelet .
+ It is developed on the basis of a chain around the neck: smaller smooth links, a more subtle pattern.
+ Chain made in gold.
Created accessory in a single copy, reflecting the lifestyle of the owner.

Additional information
  • Weight: 740.52 gramm
  • Material: gold
  • Insets: no

Ring " My Golden luck»

+ Based on the ring of "Risk and luck»
+ Skull and crown reduced by half.
+ Decoration is released in gold.
The work is the choice of the person who admires GL products, but does not wear large jewelry.

Additional information
  • Weight: 34.76 gramms
  • Material: gold
  • Insets: no

Bracelet "our father»

+ As a basis taken bracelet " our father»
+ Added Golden segments: reels.
+ On one of the links engraved initials of the owner.
+ Clasp is made in gold.
Created an unforgettable gift for a unique person.

Additional information
  • Weight: 155.12 grams
  • Material: gold
  • Insets: n

Suspension " Remember me»

+ Based on the cross from the collection "the revival of the Empire»
+ Add author element is a snake, symbol of the year of birth
+ Worked out and approved every detail: body curves, tail, snake eyes
Exquisite designer accessory made in gold: an unforgettable gift for your loved one

Additional information
  • Weight: 24.74 gramms
  • Material: gold
  • Insets: black onyx

Bracelet "Guardian angel"

+ The basis is to take the bracelet "Guardian»
+ Bracelet made in gold.
Created a wonderful amulet for the person prefer gold.

Additional information
  • Weight: 68.20 grams
  • Material: gold
  • Insets: no
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