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Gregory Leps Jewelry Freedom to be yourself

Коллекции украшений от Ювелирного Дома Григория Лепса GL Jewelry.

April 2016

Angels and demons

Each piece of the collection is a unique author's world that has been created from signs and symbols, prayers, characters, night visions, Gothic images and forbidden desires. Each product contains dozens of minisculpture: all the pieces are handmade, and each created by the hands of a craftsman universe is unique.

June 2016

Empire Renascence

True art has no boundaries: pure gold, strung on a rough thread; a fine silver ornament, a subtle silver pattern with a leather lace; a combination of the skull and the Celtic ornament, diamonds in the ancient Russian script... Each new jewelry piece of the collection, just as good music, opens a new line of beauty.

May 2016

View from the East

The Far East has inspired many generations of craftsmen: the finest ornaments of mosques, the stone sculptures of ancient Siam, the Buddhist artifacts, the writings found on ancient Tibetan stupas... Our designers skillfully combine the oriental motifs with modern design trends, filling each piece a unique sound and strength.

December 2021

"The Mythology of Power"

Collection "Stylish Orthodoxy"

May 2017


Introducing the new exclusive collection, gold by Gregory Leps